Sunday, March 31, 2013

My First Museum Acquisition...

I'm very pleased to announce that 
has acquired my painting
Timbre No. 5 (below)

Timbre No.5
36" x 36"
encaustic and oil stick on braced panel

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Reflections and Plans for My Blog

It's almost April, 2013 and I'm one quarter into my fourth year of producing this blog. A heeeuge thank you to all my viewers, readers, subscribers, and interviewees. 

In 2010 I began this blog with a couple of intentions. I didn't want to start a blog and post randomly. I wanted consistency in posting, and I've achieved that. My first intent was to use the blog as a vehicle to promote my work as an artist, my news, my ideas. The second intent was to post brief interviews with other artists whose work and ideas interest me. In both cases, the plan was to share information, create dialogue, and promote artwork. 

Truth is, this blog posting does not come naturally or spontaneously for me. But the dialog and positive energy from readership have proven most rewarding. I've interviewed over 80 artists and learned through each interview. I plan to continue the interviews, but will decrease the frequency. 

In 2013 I hope to touch base with some artists who have been interviewed and see how their work is evolving. If you are an artist who has been interviewed and would like to reconnect for a follow up interview, please let me know.

Moving forward: in 2013 I will post more news about myself, my intentions, my work and news. This part is much more difficult for me, on a few levels. All the more reason to commit and keep moving! So I'll begin with part one of an interview with myself. (stay tuned)