Saturday, June 23, 2012

Announcing: the 3 Selected Artists from
the "Curated Raffle"

As you likely know if you follow my blog, I have attended and/or presented and taught at the Annual International Encaustic Conference for the past six years.
Each year there is always better than the last!

As part of this year's event, I opted to put out a bowl and collect business cards from artists who are interested in being interviewed on my blog. I received 42 entries, and have just completed the proces of reviewing each of their websites, viewing their work and statements.

I have selected these 3 artists to be invited to be featured on my blog this year.

How did I make the selections?
Well it was a challenge, because several artist's work interested me. So if you didn't get selected, please don't take it personally. I could only accommodate 3 artists and am now booking interviews into 2013.

First, their work had to show some development and consistency over time.

Second, their work speaks to me in some way.

Third, the website had to not make me crazy.

So congratulations to Lynn, Bonny and Krista.
Check back to learn more as they are interviewed!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

6th Annual International Encaustic Conference—Some Photos

I returned from the conference with my thoughts overflowing, lots of energy, much information to process, new connections, and even more to unpack.

I went to my studio and immediately turned it upside down to have some carpentry work done, so it can become a more usable space.

Here are a few photos of the conference for you to enjoy.
More soon!

Stopping for lunch on a bench in Ptown

Me and 3 pieces in the Art Current Gallery in the Pollination show

Misa Galazzi with one of her pieces in Pollination

Nancy Natale with a big sweet smile at her book signing

Deb Brair, Winston Lee Mascarenhas, Paula Roland,
Jane Guthridge, Diana Gonzales Gandolfi

My cottage with my "art buddies" in Truro

Pamet River in Truro

Pamet River in Truro #2
Paula Roland in the Printmaking invitational at Castle Hill
Greg, Lynette, Patti, Karen, Judy, Jeannie

Lynette and Catherine Nash

Wayne Montecalvo viewing Michael Billie's work

Laura Moriarty

Christine Aaron talking with Pam Wallace

Binnie with her work in the Pollination show

Lynette and Greg W. at the Pollination show

Howard Hersh on the conference panel