Monday, April 12, 2010

Hat Art...

If you're in the Harrison Ave. Gallery area, this little shop is a must see. Whether you wear hats or not, the shop is FUN. GALVIN-ized Headwear is owned and operated by Marie Galvin, who was generous in letting me take these shots.

And the hat genius:

More of her work:

Friday, April 9, 2010

How I Ventilate My Encaustic Studio

I am reposting a blog post from 4/9/10, which got lots of great feedback and I think is a helpful post. Here it is!

Today I had a query from my colleague, Donna Hamil Talman, who is about to install a ventilation system in her studio for the use of encaustic painting. I told her about the vendor I used, , where I purchased a fan about 2 years ago. The vent fan is much more powerful than what you'd buy locally, and it has a great warranty.

To install it, I built my version of a kind of Kool Aid Stand (above). The fan is suspended a couple of feet above my work table, which is at waist height. I can move freely around my palettes with the fan above my head. I have also installed a long ventilation hose, so that I can move the table in my studio space if I need to.

To  pull the air out of my space, I installed a dryer hose from the fan to the window. I also usually open a window to help with the circulation.

It has been quite beneficial as I have moved to primarily using encaustic paint.
If you have questions feel free to contact me.
Also, if you want to read other info, look on the R&F Encaustic website

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kathryn Frund at the Chase Gallery

Last Friday, April 2,  I visited the SOWA district in Boston, and was particularly excited to see the show of Kathryn Frund's work. She is represented by the Chase Gallery on Harrison Avenue, one of my favorite galleries in Boston. It was the first dry and beautiful night after lots of rain, so everyone was out to enjoy the evening. 

Here's the painting that was on the opening postcard:

An Infinite Ocean of Light
mixed media on panel
48 x 48 inches
*(image from Chase Gallery website)

And here's Kathryn Frund standing in front of a couple of her pieces at the opening. She lives and works in Connecticut. These paintings have so many levels of texture, intimate markings and color.

Here is a close-up of the piece behind Kathryn:

Layered Intimacies
mixed media on panel
48 x 48 inches
*(image from Chase Gallery website)

A photo of mine, showing the crowd and also the vast space and light in the Chase Gallery's new home space, (they used to live on Newbury Street).

A Sacramental Universe
mixed media on panel
6 x 6 inches
*(image from Chase Gallery website

More installation shots, these are smaller pieces that really draw you in.