Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Colors of Asheville, North Carolina

A building side in Asheville; I forget the street name

and some other nice texture from the same general area

Over the fourth of July weekend, my husband and I visited Asheville, North Carolina. We were drawn to Asheville to explore the arts and holistic community, beautiful mountains and miles of Appalachian Trail, terrific restaurants and lots of culture. 

We had lunch with the lovely and energetic artist, Mary Farmer. She's a resident of Asheville, and gave us some terrific tips for places to eat and visit. (Thanks again, Mary!) So we visited Minerva Gallery, which is one of the venues where Mary shows her work. I especially enjoyed seeing her work in "the flesh" because I'd only seen it online. It is very rich work.

Entrance to Gallery Minerva

Paintings by Mary Farmer:

32 x 48"
48 x 40
The next day we visited a Community Yoga venue and took an awesome class. The concept is that the Yoga teachers donate their time and so the classes can be free or you pay what you can to support the organization. Checkout

We made a random visit to Malaprops Bookstore, which was interesting. I especially loved the banned books section. They were having their "Buy Local" soiree at the store that afternoon. I came across this cool book about the Black Mountain College. I wish I could have been a student there; it was founded in 1933 and no longer exists. 

Homage to the Square: With Rays  by Josef Albers

In addition to all this; the street musicians were terrific!
These folks were fun; and a little Tracy Chapman-esque.

Although I don' t know their names, these women have amazing voices!

Below, we enjoyed the Bluegrass Shindig on the green.

While wandering, Greg's "percussion radar" let us to the Skinny Beats shop:

And my puppy radar brought us to these little mix pups who were up for adoption, in front of a local pet store. I would have taken them all home with me if I could have....

The Wedge Brewery serves up local beer-- it's in the River Arts District of Town

while displaying a little art...

We visited Hot Springs, NC and rented one of these tubs along side of the French Broad River.
And hiked on the Applachian Trail, below.

On our way out of town, we visited the local Farmer's Market. Full of peanuts, canned goods, ham and American flags for the Fourth!

Needless to say; we had a great trip. I'll spare you all the story of how we forgot our keys in the hotel room... :D


CMC said...

oh my..... gotta get up there one of these days. Thanks for the post. AND... the colors in the first picture, breathtaking.

Laura Tyler said...

LOVE that periwinkle! There's something both brightening and cooling about it. Thank you for posting.

J. Nodine said...

I enjoyed reading this post and seeing your travels in the Asheville area. This is near where I live and it is always a joy to visit Asheville for a day-long get away.