Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ruth Hiller: Artist Interview — Flow and Control Show

Lynette (LH): Ruth, can you share with my readers a little about yourself?
Ruth: I have been a self taught painter since 1989. I did go to design school but was trained in graphic design. Two years ago I took and encaustic workshop at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Snowmass, Colorado. Since that time, I have done over a hundred paintings and been in 4 shows.

Ruth Hiller at work in her studio
(photo: Nicole Duke)

LH: Please describe bit about your work in general—what is it about, your process etc.
Ruth: My current body of work deals with my fascination with microscopic functions in the human body. I have always been interested in exploring  the hideous reality of a disease or bodily malfunction with the beauty that is found in the world we don’t see. You can find beauty in everything if you look close enough.  I am obsessed with the smooth surface of the tactile beeswax.

LH: How many of the Encaustic Conferences at Montserrat have you attended?
Ruth: This will be my second.

LH: Did you create this work specifically for this juried show? Please explain.
Ruth: No, But I am obsessed with surface and control of the wax so I thought it was an appropriate entry.

Specimen 87, 2009
24 x 24
encaustic on panel

Specimen 116, 2010
12 x 12"
encaustic on panel

LH: What is your workspace like?
Ruth: I am in a warehouse space with an overhead door that I turned into windows. My studio is in north Boulder about a mile from my house. (Photos, below, taken by Ruth).

Hiller's studio with canine friend Emma

Emma and Lola, studio assistants

LH: Do you have other jobs other than making art? 
Ruth: Not right now, I did teach corrective exercise for 20 years but retired 2 years ago to pursue my painting full time.

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