Monday, January 18, 2010

Finally... I "Freshened Up" My Website

Better late, than never I say! This project took 7 months instead of 3. There are so many other things to keep up with like painting, life's other events. But WHEWIE I believe the most difficult part is over—designing, making decisions and optimizing images. I did a bunch of research of artist friendly vendors who offer templating. The two that seem the most popular among my friends are and I sampled them both with their free trial offers, which was very helpful. In the end, however, I chose the least expensive route; stayed with my vendor Server101 and bartered my design services with a friend.

Thanks to my friend Pauline for all her work helping me with my newly designed (and simplified) website.

You can see it here: The goals for the new site were: 1. to be easily modified and updated by myself, once the the coding was clean; 2. be easily navigable, 3. be at the ready when I begin (more) marketing myself this spring. Easy to update my statement, resume and images. The gallery is simplified and I may break it up by year, or type of work. I also wanted to follow the concept of complementing my website with this blog where I can update current events and class information.

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Nancy Natale said...

It looks great. Good for you!